Karbi Daukaka "A smash Hit"

A song worthy of the handclaps that introduce it, "Karbi Daukaka" is another blend of hausa and english language gospel song that Mr Peculiar manage to un-treacle ever so slightly, "Forgive me if I'm being yokelish/ blame my ever-changing mood.
Karbi Daukaka" is absolutely No Doubt's with chanting like the Arabs and cascading drums that deserve to be played while running through the hallways of your high school, the balcony of your house or a stand up praise service in your church and a bridge of hausa rap by Maquin big enough for a golf club."Karbi Daukaka" is a satisfying coda from the Album "SELAH" coming your way soon by Mr Peculiar, a band whose career is just about to crescendo again.

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