Guiding me safely by Chris Delvan first premiered on Christmas Eve of 2014 in his local Church (New Life assembly) and it was a howling success. My eyes brimmed with tears after several plays of the spirit packed track on 26th December in my office; the confession in the song is very deep in meaning if only you tie in spiritually. My nous wandered why and how Chris Delvan did not deviate from the African Nigerian tune and beat, considering his wild exposure in life "Chris Victor (CEO prowess Media".
The production of the project "NEW NATION" started out in Houston, Texas USA. Also the album was graced with live instrumentations of some of the best instrumentalist in the world; also some renown backup vocalist. Kudos to Cobhams, one of the interpreters of the track's instrumentation, although blind but his heart see's clearly! The world-beating and enthralling track "Guiding me safely" led off with an acoustic guitar rhythmically moving up and down, followed by a man like gloss lead vocal lyrics with rhyme entwine tunefully, accompanied with a bass guitar, then a mild hit of drumstick to the rim of a snare drum like a clock ticking and then a light drum kick, simultaneously synchronized with a pure African Conga drum and trumpets intercepting at intervals.
Guiding me safely is the first Single from the 14 tracks album titled "NEW NATION" which will drop on 1st January 2015. Also Chris Delvan and team will go on a country tour starting from Jos on 31st December, Kaduna 1st, Benin 3rd, Abuja 4th, Portharcourt 10th, Lagos 11th, all in January 2015.

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