Like a mix spectrum of light Jerry SwamSidi have dropped newfangled singles in more than two flavors of music genre since the release of Open Check this year. First, a smooth rock reggae tune "Yahweh" a re-sampled version of Yahweh originally written and performed by Kofi Karikari an African American from Tadi, Democratic Republic of the Congo who studied at Presbyterian University College. This version carries a flow of devotional trend in connection with the authors’ version even in its reggae vibe. Guess, the admiration is that it's a pure translation into Hausa language leaving the lines and melody at default, first hearing I bet, you will sing in English language because of the deliberate forward motion. "Kofi is a container and a toter of God's anointing" Jerry articulated adding that "Yahweh by Kofi Karikari is a song sharing my prayer and worship time to equal and I get more strength just by chanting Yahweh Yahweh".

 Followed by an arewa endemic tune in Bajju Native tongue "Ana niyai ke [where are you from] ft Dan baju [The comedian] hahaha!, believe me they collared it anew with a sort of an opening and a running mode to sink a deep and coded message into the subconscious of listeners, unveiling to all the tribes in Kaduna that their root is the same.

Also a fourteen track acapella hymns album in Hausa language on the edge.  "forthrightly I will say Open Check Opened up Jerry's voice to the ears of the earth because am in the picture of almost all the maturation in this short period" Chris 'Camara' Victor "A clean sweet male vocal voice, naked and natural as it is with all the parting of alto, tenor, treble and bass voice texture distinctly flowing without distortion".
What we do not know for now is the next move from this song bird [Jerry SwamSidi] Just follow him for update on


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