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Nigerian renowned, singer songwriter Mr. Peculiar will heat up the summer season with his
trademark blend of warm Northern Nigerian gospel rhythms and ethereal vocals when his first
new studio single after the release of SELAH in two years, Me Zamu Ce, is released on July 2nd.
The intoxicating new single celebrates Mr. Peculiar's penchant for sonically transporting listeners
To Northern Nigeria, with bright, incandescent Arewa­infused melodies, lyrics about God's love
And the original intense of the creation of man (to continually fellowship with God).

"For me, this track came straight from the heart, and the recording process was one of the most
Intense I have ever been through," said Mr. Peculiar. "The good part is that the track was
Recorded in my home studio (RIEMS STUDIO) in Kaduna Nigeria, and you really feel that lighter,
Brighter north coast vibe in the music, Spending the first verse accompanied by just a guitar and a
Balmy drum from background and an antiphon verse and chorus trend mixed in with my lighter
'Northerner' feelings. Me Zamu ce means 'What shall we say' and as a Gospel Veteran, I feel
Everything and live every moment deeply, and wanted to sing about each little moments,
Testimonies, inspirations, melody that has been part of my life over the past year. I am loving life
And living more passionately than ever and wanted to share all that!"

`Recorded in Kaduna Nigeria, this past week, produced and mixed by Ebenezer Iremi, "Me Zamu
Ce" one of the eight new original tracks including the captivating standout album titled track
"TEHILLAH," a soft "Jewish blend," filled with hypnotic percussion touches including sonant
Progression of lyrics and rhythms, soft shakers and natural effect...
"Me zamu ce. He killed it. I'm proud of Mr. Peculiar, I'm so proud of him, he allowed God to work
Through him and am happy to see him evolve into what he is now," Chris Victor (Discman
Musicbox)". He’s so smart and intelligent to have masterminded the whole simplicity in the track
"Mr. Joe"

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