With more than 100 original single divided into volumes accordingly. VETERANS OF THE GOSPEL MIX-TAPE has captured the public’s attention like no other mix-tape compilation of it's time, enchanting audiences worldwide with it's breathtaking tracks and tone of rare beauty from ministers with vibes of music. 
Equally at home as solo ministers featured in the VETERANS OF THE GOSPEL, most have earned countless awards and honors from their bidding as gospel music ministers, as concerts stage performers and recording artists. some were awarded the prestigious GOM AWARD recognition on Dec- 1st -2013 and some named true worshipers due to their devotion to the Kingdom Project (Winning souls). The gospel mix-tape (VETERANS OF THE GOSPEL SERIES) was designed with YOU in plan, "close to the ear, close to the heart" Chris Victor Ikom (Discman Musicbox), you become what you listen to over time so be careful what you feed your ears with, it's a direct link to your heart!   
The VETERANS OF THE GOSPEL mix-tape featured "Talitakumi" from the album "SELAH" performed by Mr. Peculiar, who's current city is Abuja (Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria). Jaylakes from his album "THE POTTERS HANDS", who got married to a pretty prudent angel from South West Nigeria on the 9th of November 2013, who is believed to be in-between the twelve month of rest. The type King David in the old testament assigned to his soldiers. "He saved me" Billy Auta duet with Mr. Peculiar from her album "ALHERI" she is the first to feature Mr. Peculiar after the official launching of his album(SELAH). Becky Joe, a deep worship duet with Chris Morgan titled "worship medley" from her latest album "AWESOME". Ibro Chatjock "MARMARI NA" who pastor's a little home church in Kaduna. Benard Malson, a new single with it's original lyrics from the Hymn Book (Hausa version), a major language in Northern Nigeria, produced by Ebenezer Iremi at RIEMS STUDIOS (home studio), nine months after the official release of his packed worship and contemporary album titled "SABUWAR WAKA". Godspower Iyk-O, a wholly devotional hit "worthy to be praise" a leak from his anticipated album titled "DIFFERENT TONGUES" also recorded at RIEMS STUDIOS, produced by Ebenezer Iremi. Princess T. Yemisi who just dedicated her newest album and followed the event with a remarkable construct of uniting music minister in Nigeria through a live musical concert and an exchange of grace via CDs at The Catholic Social Center on Dec.-1st-2013. Dan Balat (The Chritaferian) known for root reggae tunes with a new stand alone single titled Sai godiya after the release of "BISHARA" in 2012 in his small home Church ECWA, Kudenden Kaduna Nigeria. "Kamsamida" blend of korea and English language revere by Jerry Swamsidi from his album "OPEN CHEQUE" to be released on 2nd Feb. 2014 which falls on his birthday. Also JEREMIAH 29:11, a team of four from one family. Winny, Gopep, Shedrach Solomon, Emma Zaki, Solex, El_Samson and Long J. and so many ministers have contributed greatly in the project (VETERANS OF THE GOSPEL MIX TAPE). We created the platform to take the goodness where ministers could not reach due to distance and time, also to serve as a chat for new and upcoming songs from all genres across the globe....to read more, play sample tracks or download tracks JOIN/LIKE/FOLLOW our official page on   

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