Jerry SwamSidi began his elusive music career while he was growing up. He has recorded twelve albums in sixteen years including his GMTH AWARD winning album titled "Song Tong". the album vividly depicts his native life style as an African from the tribe of Bajju in the northern part of the Nigeria, also he has featured in hatful of singles and duet with the likes of Chris Morgan, Solomon Lange, Joy Adejo, Dan Balat, Ebenezer Iremi and lots...
From All-Nigerian musicians to Reverbnation sensation to Musicbox charter, Jerry SwamSidi is making immediate waves online and in the country after the release of his latest album “Open Cheque” on 2nd of February 2014.
After its release, Open Cheque turned viral, and Jerry Swam’s music career swiftly took over his video production one. Currently, Jerry has racked up a huge number of views on facebook and reverbnation.  His first two singles in the album featured in GOSPEL VETERANS mix tape vol I & II “Kamsamida and everything will be alright”, which debuted 5th of March this year.

Jerry Swam’s song “Haskena” featuring Solomon Lange debuted at No. 1 [musicbox chart] after Discman Musicbox announced its premiere on its private group [Inside Musicbox] on facebook and reverbnation. The song knocked listener’s subconscious and is still on the Trending chart upward, signaling an immediate fan craze. (As of publishing date and time before the album launch, the song sits at no. 420 reverbnation chart nationwide). Check for yourself and see the up curve trend to the peak of the chart on

The video for the album title “Open Cheque,” which was directed and shot by Emma Kas, will be released on YouTube soon.


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