The singer has just completed His new album "Different Tongues” since the last, "Season of Praise" after 17 years. 25th June, Godspower Iyk-O called me, and said "Am thinking about dedicating this album at Covenant Life Bible Church, Kaduna Nigeria. What do you think?"  I started laughing and thought ‘Sure.’ There are so many things that sometimes just fall in place.”
Once the G.O of covenant Life Bible church [Earnest Odogba] had this, he gave it an instant stamp of approval. “He heard the songs, and said the time is right "I knew it was real and tangible".
"I was blown away at how compassionate, generous, and gracious he is to everybody from when I came in contact with him till date" Iyk-O said
We scheduled for Sunday 6th July 2014 but prior to, the Church structure was changing through an all over overhaul and expansion from 1000 to  4000 seating capacity which the finishing was to land up 4th of July.   

6th of July also marked the opening and thanks giving service of the new looks of the church.
At the D-day prior thanks giving, announcement was made regarding the album launch [Different Tongues] and sooner the congregation withstood with written opinions on pieces of papers, passing them through ushers to the committee during service time, pleading that the dedication be shelved to 13th of July for a proper preparation. "My psyche hovered for more than ten minutes after the announcement of Godspower Iyk's Album dedication because I have long waited for this opportunity to bless him wholly and now here I seat not ready, thank God for the shift" Mrs. Millan [mother of three kids from Uganda].
Sunday being 13th of July, Different Tongues, the long anticipated album that took 17 years of preparation wholly will be released at Covenant Life Bible Church, Kaduna, Nigeria.
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