Benard Malson and his Latest Album (Sabuwar Waka)

The future is looking very bright for the gospel minister and songwriter(Benard Malson). His new full-length release brims with spiritual lyrics and poetry. He's elegantly woven together perspectives of life after here and forging forward in the fabric of 6 unforgettable songs. Sabuwar Waka isn't just a promising future for the saints in heaven, it's promising us as a whole.SABUWAR WAKA was Record...
ed at RIEMS STUDIO in Kaduna State Nigeria over a three-year-plus time period with producer/mixer EBENEZER IRENE. The album is a triumphant return to what Benard Malson does best and that's writing deeply soulful and Spiritual songs then delivering them with a voice so powerful and pure.
"I wrote this album (SABUWAR WAKA) from a real place," says Benard. "It's not about just dancing, it's about you, me and God, life here, life after and everything we do in our spirit, Because I was able to really wait on God for this messages, I could really sing these new songs with authenticity, something I haven't been able to do in a long time."
He continued, "I spent a lot of time over the past few years working with my band, writing with them and working with producer (Ebenezer Irene).
One of the important things was trying to make a record that would be used for morning devotion and a medium to reconnect with God.....Play and download songs

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