Coming Soon "SELAH"

Mr. Peculiar is set to release a brand new studio album in November 2012, according to his management reports this morning.
The Young Gospel R&B singer and song writer, who had his fist album titled "SOTERIA" in 2002, said "God is in searc...
h of true worshipers that will work in spirit and in truth in His vine yard" He also said "if you worship God with all your heart God will smile at you" He is set for Tour after the release of this new album titled "SELAH" meaning Pause and think about it.
A source told Musicbox: "Mr. Peculiar, His band and producers have been sending each other ideas for over two years now. During rehearsals they have tried so many new songs and really got the conviction by the help of the Holy Spirit that the songs in this new album (SELAH) is the message for this generation. They have decided they will give out eight tracks plus a remix of SELAH to make it nine". See more at 

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