Her Style of music.

Now some might be a little surprised at her style of gospel music. When most people think of Gospel Music, they think of gospel artists that have come before her like Sinarch, Bella, Solomon Lange, Frank Edward, Panam or Samsong. You might even think about the same gospel music that you hear in your church on Sunday mornings. Well... if that's the sound that you are expecting, brace yourself becau...
se Billy Auta has decided to make Gospel Music with an R&B & Reggae Feel. If you were just listening to the music on the radio, it would be hard to tell one of her songs from any other song that you might hear everyday. However, there is difference, when Billy’s music starts her ministry begins, there is no mistaking who she sings for. Billy sings her new gospel music for the Glory of Jesus Christ. Her songs discuss real life situations that help listeners get through life, and the decisions we make from a Bible perspective. It is very clear that a lot of time, effort and talent have been poured into her album. It is also very clear that this young woman is truly walking in her calling, and that she allows Jesus Christ to order his steps...


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