Jerry Swamsidi's song from his forth coming album (Jeremiah Project ChapterII, Verse1 & 2) titled "Open Cheque" a double replete pack CD album that will be released by CYF STUDIO & JUBAL GROOVE RECORDS in the month of February 2014. Recorded May 24th, 2013 at the (CYF/JUBAL GROOVE Audio Visualz home Studio) in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

 The final mix of "I will play my Molo" which happens to be the first track in Verse1 is due by January 24, 2014. The lineup of great musicians and producers for the Open Cheque project captured, include Ebenezer ireimi on Keys and drums, Mr. Ben and Naptali A.k.a. Gospel Boy on Keys and Bass guiter, Kabiza Wasanmaza on Electro accoustic guitars, David Mabele on the drums and percussion. Don Adah on Keys and Bass guitar. Jerry Swamsidi, Solomon Lange, Chris Morgan, J-sly, Stonz, Oscar, Dorothy Songbird & SimpleSam on vocals respectively.

Among the 18 songs on the two-disc set (Verse I & II of the Jeremiah Project Chapter II - Open Cheque) are Songs like "Melody from my heart" ft Naptali as produced by Sheddy Justin for 64bitz Studio. "Yaweh Salla, "Everything will be alright" as produced by Mr. Ben for Trinity Media Studio. "Open Cheque" ft. Joy Adejo, Friday Jibo, Spoxman, DanBajju, SteveBell & Naptali, as produced by Naptali - Gospel Boy, for JUBAL GROOVE AUDIO VISUAL Studio. Other great hit songs include "Haske Na" ft. Solomon Lange, "We worship you" ft. Chris Morgan as produced by Ebenezer Ireimi for Reims Studio. "Everything will be alright" ft Mr. Ben, Emma Okopi, "God is able" ft. Dorothy, Songbird & Pastor Fred Zamani. "Waka Ta" ft. Buzu & Joy Adejo, "Lion" ft. Igwe, K.I, & Nene(Emergency Crew), "Oil in my heart" ft. Pat Uzzah, Dave Yari and lots more. "Open Cheque," Jerry SwamSidi's latest album is perhaps the most representative work of him and his hard working live band members, producers and the featured music ministers who contributed their lyrics their time, and devotion to prayer. This album has 18 songs on the standard edition and an additional sound track on the 18-Track deluxe.It boasts a blend and mixture of African drums and percussion work from Naptali, and an abundance of references to cultural beats from the southern part of Kaduna, the middle belt region of Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Kongo, Central African Republic, East Africa, South Africa, and South Korea where Jerry SwamSidi studied for his Masters degree. The fact we knew going into the making of this album "OPEN CHEQUE" was that the band will do a nations tour, so we wanted to make sure these songs really cue for it's archetype intent which is the positive confessions of the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Ebenezer Ireimi, who happens to be a veteran gospel music producer of the album "Beyond the Shadows" by Chris Morgan, "Sabuwar Waka" by Benard Malson, "Bishara" by Dan Balat and Co-produced the album "Selah" by Mr. Peculiar and the sole producer and co-writer of "Lean on the Lord" one of the most revered track in the Jeremiah Project II and a host majority of other gospel albums in Nigeria and beyond.


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