It is not what happens to you, it is what happens in you.
While you are hating to fail don't fear failure.
Do what you do well to excel, I will give you nine hundred and ninety nine(999) chance to fail, pick up something good each time you fall.
I have been running and falling, aiming and missing the right point, whenever I try harder, I see myself failing foreword.
Never you try to cover up or speed it up, do not give it up whenever you fail.
Never you try to lay the blame on some one else or something else, whenever you fail.
It is better you die for something good than to live for nothing, if you imitate, your best will be number two.
If you are trying to be like him who will be you? if you are not you, who will be you?
If you want to be limited just imitate, I better fail being real than to imitate.
If you always do what you 'v always done, you will always get what you've always gotten good or bad.
Each time I try harder, I see myself falling, each time i fall and stand I see myself getting stronger.
If failure were erase from this race, success will have no meaning.
Make it a friend, you will be happy you did....
That you failed doe's t men it is over, it just mean you ignored the right process unknowingly .
If you are the Mister Perfect type (must not fail), you have limitations to how high you can grow in life.
Free your mind and be wild in your thinking, think outside the box because there is no rule on planet Earth that says your thought should be within certain range, circle or pattern..
Stop thinking like the Indian termed Elephant that is grown up, have the strength to pull down a house but still feels like "I have been chained from when i was small and i can do nothing" not knowing at that moment nothing was attached to his legs anymore...
If you try so many things and you fail I am sure of one thing if you keep trying.
..YOU MUST GET ONE THING THAT WILL WORK VERY WELL FOR YOU, and if you get hold of it, do it to with all your might, body and soul...
Learn how God works; Moses parted the Red Sea, Joshua parted River Jordan but God used different ways to do them all. He is flexible, unpredictable and open minded. 
Learn how Joshua thought; When he was about to cross River Jordan,  He did exactly what he saw Moses did when they crossed the Red Sea but it didn't work..it was hard on him because all the children of Israelite were watching, some said "let's see if he has what Moses had". Joshua did not talked him self down, he could have said I am not the right person(because things did not work his way) instead he went up the mountain and God showed him to his first real test of faith by asking him to tell the high priest to work toward the sea. He could have also said "God, this is not the way Moses did it" but because he was open minded he tried the new way and it worked..
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