Firstly, it is an error of judgement for one to continue to live any other form of fears rather than the fear of God. I believe this is why the bible will mention the need not to fear 365 times, meaning for each day we are meant to live by faith and free from fear. When man failed in the garden, fear, anxiety and worries became part of his challenge but God has remained the only antidote to the fears of life.
       I once saw an enlargement photograph of a naked 3 month old baby boy and written on it was "NO GIRL, NO MONEY, NO SHAME, NO WORRIES. Meaning that some of the fears and worries in our lives are fears we grew up with and got older. But in all things God wants us to give thanks even when we seem not to understand them. (Thessalonians 5:18 for this is the will of God for us in Christ). In counseling from time to time, i have been privileged to see different ways fear get unto people's lives. For instance the FEAR of WHAT people will say this has led many to more errors and more frustration. In (I Samuel 13:6-14) we see Saul fumbling from error to error just because he wanted to please the people.
In (Matt.6:25-34 do not worry about your life, what to eat, or about your body.... which of you by worrying can add one more day to his/her life?) Meaning by worrying we can only reduce our days, strength and our place in God but seeking His will and doing it can change our situations.
In (Eccl.5:12) ...the sleep of our laborer is sweet weather he eats little or much but the abundance of the rich man permit him no sleep). So please never think just by getting more money will bring you all the peace you need.
In (II Kings 4:1). A poor widow came to the man of God Elisha and told him "Your savant my husband is dead..but now his creditor is coming to take my two boys as his slaves" the man of God replied... "what do you have in your house?" with good counsel and a little step of obedience to godly counsel her situation changed. God can also deliver us from debt by his wisdom.
* THIS TAKES ME TO THE WORRIES AND FEARS WE HAVE OVER OUR CHILDREN: but i feel understanding each child's destiny and praying daily for this destiny to be fulfill beyond being able to provide for the children is much more important than worrying over them. Secondly, training them in the way they should go will really help better than worrying over them (proverb 22:6). And when they grow up, they will not depart from it by his grace. The numerous issues of oaths and wrong covenants that may keep getting themselves can also produce a life of fear but the bible says even the lawful captives can be saved by God. (Isa,49:24-25)
Shall the prey be taken from the mighty or the captives of the righteous be delivered? But thus says the Lord, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the terrible be delivered: For i will contend with them who contends with you and will save your children.(if we turn to God in repentance).
 The fear from our past mistakes and failures: worrying over things we cannot really change can add noting to our lives and feature except we decide to trust God for his mercy through repentance and grace for solutions.
Medical reports should be for thanking God in prayers, (Philippians 4:6-7)Be anxious of noting but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made know to God and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind through Christ. Be also ready to take the necessary medication since (faith without work is dead) God gives miracle at his own time.
* FEAR OVER THE SECURITY OF OUR FEATURE AND THAT OF OUR INVESTMENTS: The feature belongs to God, to keep and handle.In fact, the bible says that all that a man labors for is for another to inherit. (Ecc.2:8-19) then i hated all my labor in which i had toiled under the sun because i most leave it to the man who will come after me. And who knows whether he will be wise or foolish? yet he will rule over all my labor i toiled and in which i have shown myself under the sun (being it in our work or family this is noting but a fact). God have mercy!
the  fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, this is because God's will for man is not for man to depend in himself but for us to depend on him and his wisdom in everything we do. there is no want to those who fear God because pleasing God attracts his peace, glory and favor. Unlike the fear of man that becomes snare(Proverb 29:25). the conclusion of the whole matter today is for us to fear God and keep his commandments for this is man's all since God will (still) bring every work into judgement including every secrets thing whether good or evil (Ecc.12)
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