1 a speaker
2 a teacher
3 a leader in a contemplative worship
4 one who creates a conducive atmosphere for ministration
5 one who is called to prophesy
6 a priest who offers sacrifices directly to God
7 a music minister is an admonish-er

     Understanding of worship is very important in everything we do, it cannot be over emphasized, because it is discovering, that necessitates recovery. A right that is not known cannot be fought for. Ignorant at any whichever level robs a man of his position and rights. (Hos. 4:6).
     The Israelite spent 430 years in slavery instead of 400 years (Gen. 15:13) because they were ignorant of what God said, hence, when their deliverer Moses was preparing ahead of the time, they implicated him and he had to run for his life for another 40 years, hence, prolonged their time of freedom from slavery.
     The children of Israelite took that which was due for them, because they had understanding of time and season. Likewise a music minister who does not know who he/she is will become the product of his/her environment. The environment detects his or her performance and effectiveness. Ignorant deprives one of his or her human value and dignity. It makes people to define one, therefore predicts and destroys one.
     The tamed lion had so many prayer points, like the goats, before it discovered itself, but after the discovery, its prayer points reduced to two, i.e. the lions prayer “oh God, show me the next prey” and “leave us alone”. Hence a better understanding of our persons as music ministers (Worshipers) facilitates and enhances our effectiveness.
     1-He is a speaker (Eph.5:19, Deut.31:28-30 , II Sam.22.)
He’s graced by God to speak to the people in psalm, hymns and spiritual songs. The fact remains that because of his frequent appearance, he has more contact with the people than just a pulpit pastor, and it’s obvious that people even listen to music more than massages on tapes and cds. The only deference is that this words are in capsules form called melody. When we are short of words we use songs to speak to or talk to God.
    2-He is a teacher (Col.3:16, Deut.31;19-22, II Sam.1:18)
music leaves lasting impressions on the heart of people, hence, information, ideas etc can be imputed into people through music, as a result of the re-occurrence  of statement .Even God uses music to teach his children.
    3-He is an admonish-er
To admonish is to gently er mildly, but firmly warn somebody of something. e.g song like
You cannot hide from God (2x)
You may cover your sins
That nobody could see
But you cannot hide from God,
This song is gentle and mild in nature, but it has been able to pass a firm massage of no secretiveness of sin to someone.
    4-He is a leader in contemplative worship.
To contemplate in worship is to think deep, thoughts about what someone is singing, that is the meaning and implication of the lyrics. It has to do with deep pondering or meditation over what one is saying. The music minister has this duty of talking people into God’s presence with his spirit filled with contemplative worship in accordance to the elide of worship in God’s house (ps.100:4, I cor.14:26).
    5-He is also called to prophesy.
To prophesy means to foretell, to tell forth the word of God is what a music minister does. He can also foretell. Jins  w. Goll sees prophecy as premeditated or spontaneous utterance by speaking, singing or even writing. He however insist that a massage is automatically prophetic only if it’s comes from the heart of Heart of God, magnifies the Lord Jesus Christ and challenges the hearer into greater obedience to God’s command. It should be noted that prophesy is limited to words of mouth alone, but even with musical instrument one prophesy.
    6-He creates conducive spiritual environment (II Kings:3:15, Ps.100:4)
Praises to God brings a man to a level whereby he could commune effectively with God and God could minister for effective communication with divinity. There is a  popular saying that prayer moves mountain,
but praises move God; He inhabits (eats) our praises, then He will in turn feed us with benefits (Ps.23:3).
    7-He is a priest who sacrifices praise (Heb.13:15)
A music minister (worshiper) is one called to offer sacrifices of praise, the fruit of lips to God A music minister(worshiper) is an inner court minister, because he/she ministers to God directly while others minister to God through people, because God accepts your praise, thanks, etc directly and
not through an inter-me-diary. Therefore, a worshiper is in the order of a high priest of old.In summery, looking at the various roles in which the music minister plays, it becomes apparent, that they play more roles in people's lives, hence, in order for the purpose of God in (Eph.4:10-15) not to be defeated this personality with so many components must be balanced, or else, he will breed unbalanced people; i.e affecting peoples lives negatively. A man cannot give what he does not have; and that is why Apostle Paul urges that the mind of God dwells in us richly for better and effective positive impact in peoples lives (Col.3:16).
    As a Music Minister, know it that you are taking the place of Lucifer in heaven, feeding God directly.You need the stamina of an athlete, the discipline of a solder and the patient of a farmer to keep up till the end. you also have to check frequently you pride, your mindset about money and guide your self from immoral act...
The devil will not let you alone because you are a replacement of him and his throne in heaven; hence, you must strive to live in the spirit and not in the flesh...I pray that God who has called you to be a Music Minister will grant you the grace to keep up. Amen.                                                                       
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