The term worship is derived from a Greek word "Proscuned" meaning to prostrate i.e lying on your front with your face toward the ground.
to prostrate is a sign of awesome fear, honor, reference, surrender or respect to God. Every human is created as a worship being; i.e there is always a yearning or longing in the heart of man.
It is not ordinary for someone to worship noting, but the Athenians did, because of the worship tendency in man.
The Israelite in the wilderness had to make Aaron to construct a golden calve for them to worship. They asked Aaron to make a God that will lead them;
to where.... rather it was the worship tendency in them, that made them protest.
    The Broad Perspective - (Gen.22:5, Matt.5:14-16)
The broad perspective have to do with the entirety or summed total of a man's life; i.e your behavioral pattern, values and adherence to God's word.
God's intents, is that through your life style, a lots of worshipers will be added into the Kingdom of God; because it is only worshiper that can breed worshipers.
    The Narrow Way - (Isa.49:13, Ps.98:4-6)
This perspective have to do with giving of thanks, exulting, praising, etc through singing, dancing, clapping of hands, shouting etc to God.
Looking at it from this point of view, we praise God for what He has done and worship Him for who He is.
The narrow perspective is more prominent in Christians services than any other of worship.
    God- (Isa.43:21, Ps.95:6, Exo.20:1-5)
God is the number one person or being that craves for man's worship. We are created to worship God alone. Any other attempt not to , is an alteration of the purpose of our creation. * The Devil - (Matt.4:8-10)
The whole cause of a man's life (destiny, dreams, aspirations, expectations, etc) is summed up in who you choose to worship; i.e it determines the out come of your life, hence,
your choice of worship is your strong power.
If Christ had bow down to worship Satan,for the pleasure of this earth that he tabled before him; the redemption plan of God for man would have failed wholly; hence, we wouldn't have been save.
Job was a worshiper; he made God proud, that God boasts to the devil about Job's worship unto him. People boast with their God, but God boasted with Job, because Job was a worshiper.
    HOW AND WHERE DO WE WORSHIP GOD (Exo.20:24, Jn.4:22-24)
Your worship unto God(broad and narrow) must be led directed to by the spirit, else, we will blow it up worship amiss.
   In conclusion - (Rev.4:11)
God is so much in love with worship and value it with high esteem that he had to create a worship leader(Lucifer) first, before any other angel. He could as well not created any worshiper; but the pressure
in worship is derived , if it comes from outside, and from a worship being; and that is why God did not just start worshiping himself, rather created all things for his pleasure (worship).
In the old testament the tessels and tallith was meant to remind them of God's law and commandment; but this era of grace, the holy spirit reminds us of the law and commandments of God, hence, we might not need the tallith to worship again. Jn. 14:26, I Cor.3:16-17
Numbers. 15:37-41, Deut.22:12 
TALLITH(prayer shawl, prayer closest, peace shawl, comfort shawl, etc use for occasions of all sought) is derived from two Hebrew words "TAL" meaning tent and  " ITH" meaning little, therefore Talith means little tent.Jesus begin it's usage from age 13 for boys and 12 for girls, from their age of accountability.
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