It's almost here: El-Roys long foreboded album "A.L.I.T. [A Look Into Tomorrow]" 

In anticipation, Chris 'Camara' Victor of Prowess Media revealed the artwork for the album early Wednesday (Sept. 10) on El-Roy’s face book page as an admin. The single cover features the ardent song writer and singer's head looking side with sky blue background. "Roy’s eyes actually staring with a gaze of hope into tomorrow".

The artwork first appeared a weeks after The CEO. Of Snappa Photo Studio [Sir Joe O.] concluded his photo section with El-Roy following the script written and directed by Chris 'Camara' Victor. 

In a scooped phone interview with SORT MAGAZINE El-Roy announced "I never knew how bad it was until God unploughed me from grass to grace. Lifelike pictures in mind still very clean and clear like a shot, all of the spines and huddles on the furrowed tract to success. I tell you it horripilate to be less privilege.

In one of my visits to De Marcie and The Adonia Orphanage homes Kaduna Nigeria, I was playing with the kids that were abandoned for one reason or the order and this question [can each one reach one?] intercepted my mind, botched my fun and got me into a deep rethink". He continued saying that "all of these, my passions and my dreams to personify with the less privilege led up THE ROYS FOUNDATION which I tagged "each one can reach one". If only you can empower one less privileged kid with my tag in place without interruption you will be awake to see a better world with time"
He took a deep breath and calmly pointed out a strong reason why people commit suicide "People commit suicide most times not because of their troubles but because there was no one to listen to them, I recently created an official face book page [www.facebook.com/elroyuniversalmusic] where my friends can listen to my songs of hope and inspiration from my forth coming album titled A.L.I.T [A look into tomorrow] and reach out to me and ask me for advice. When I was homeless and living on the streets, I literally had no one to turn to. So I know firsthand how having someone there to talk can make it so much better. I want to be there for my friends" he ended.
A.L.I.T [A Look into Tomorrow] the full packed twelve tracks album will premiere on El-Roy’s Birthday ceremony at the end of this month.
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