Chanting “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, IF YOU BELIEVE!!!”  Is the Newest Single from Jerry SwamSidi as produced by A-Pro. This is not just a song but an unhurried testimony and assertion of the all-round goodness of God upon his life in Nigeria and in Highland Baptist Church Waco, Texas USA.

Padded with soothing Reggae rhythm, you cannot help but worship God with the background flute like a lone wolf in a company of surround bass and tranquil yet playful drum kick, carefully arranged and hitched with the vocals of Jerry SwamSidi’s flowing  smoothly like quite streams of waters rolling from the Almighty’s  throne of Grace.

Blac’King, Sir’ Danny, Tokkida Semlek, SteveBell, Sweet Leke, George, PaJerra, E-Wonder, Discman MusicBox, El-Roy, A-Pro [Mr. Marvel] and our guest Egypt McKee all the way from Illinois, Chicago USA  alongside Jerry SwamSidi at his home studio [HephzibahAfrika] all nodding to the reggae groove and chanting “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, IF YOU BELIEVE, IF YOU BELIEVE!!!

“Being away from home, family and loved ones for such a length of time has not been easy, I will forever be grateful to my wife Rachael S. Sidi who has always stood by me. I missed studio recording, most especially my little Princess Zanang Damita who is always here to cheer me as she glues herself to Daddy (Jerry SwamSidi) like a picture frame against the wall of Discman Musicbox

It’s far from my indulgent how He [Jesus] makes the Impossible, Possible, I am forever obligated to God for his faithfulness, grace and favor upon my life. I can’t help but sing his praise”  




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