This dark tall young chap, very lively, and cheerful from Gwong is up and running with His culture again. His passion for preaching Christ developed a tough skin for him. He will not give up on the lost, not one.
KEZI JEP navigates the gospel of Jesus to his root [Kagoma Southern Kaduna] after His last album in “FORGIVE US” in 2015. Banking on the scripture that says the race is neither for the swift nor the battle for the strong, He “Jep” in total submission sang “BEHMI NUM" which is the album titled track, meaning God help us.
The devout piece of album with eight tracks from three producers [APRO, MR. BEN & GIDEON MESSEY] is a true call to consciousness of the power of God through the Holy Spirit to help us live a holy life.
In an interview with SORTMAG Jep disclosed the album's launch date which is 25th December 2016, “A lot has gone down for the work to blaze a trail and set a pace, lyric and production wise” Kezi Jep.

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