This dark tall young chap, very lively, and cheerful from Gwong is up and running with His culture again. His passion for preaching Christ developed a tough skin for him. He will not give up on the lost, not one.
KEZI JEP navigates the gospel of Jesus to his root [Kagoma Southern Kaduna] after His last album in “FORGIVE US” in 2015. Banking on the scripture that says the race is neither for the swift nor the battle for the strong, He “Jep” in total submission sang “BEHMI NUM" which is the album titled track, meaning God help us.
The devout piece of album with eight tracks from three producers [APRO, MR. BEN & GIDEON MESSEY] is a true call to consciousness of the power of God through the Holy Spirit to help us live a holy life.
In an interview with SORTMAG Jep disclosed the album's launch date which is 25th December 2016, “A lot has gone down for the work to blaze a trail and set a pace, lyric and production wise” Kezi Jep.

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While Ibro Chatjock prepares for His forth coming album “BAKI NA”, He still pegs a live peace concert with endorsement and support from his senior minister Rev. Jonah Adamu and Rev. Dr. Nehemiah Maji who are pillars and advocate for peace in Kaduna State, schedule for 11th December 2016. I have enjoyed and am still on it, songs from my album MARMARI NA he said, I listen to the lyrics of my tracks and pause to think about my walk with God most times He added. 

For over three months Ibro Chatjock and his band, Eric P., Obed Y., John K. and Cefas A. [Keyboard], Shadrach T. [Drums], Benjamin R. and Edward S. [bass guitar], Lizzy Umar [electric acoustic guitar] and Datty [Lead guitar] have been pinned down, scoring the album live, in preparation for the event. 
Ebenezer Iriemi the album producer is also part of the band but will not make it to the stage due to his busy schedule this December.

Lizzy Umar the youngest of them, a 17 year old teen with very fast and supple fingers on guitar strings said she is ready to play in the stead of “EBENEZER IRIEMI. Am a very big fan of Ibro Chatjock and it will be a dream achieved to play back to back, side by side with my Biggest Artiste she said.

I sneak from the classroom most times when I hear lines of strings or I get inspiration to strike my guitar, it’s fun to play! “Lizzy Umar” I can coach a complete novice to try out stuffs on guitar in ten days depending on the person’s ability and speed to catch up she explained.

Out of doubt I demanded a token of a guitar version of Bob Marley’s Redemption song from this little angel and I was wowed! “Chris Camera Victor [Lizzy’s Photo Director]

The LIVE PEACE CONCERT of Marmari Na by Ibro Chatjock is an evening to slot in your schedule. Prepare, come with your loved ones because it's an event with FREE ENTRY TAGS. 

Concert hall seating capacity is 2000. Red carpet unveils at 4:pm., Doors open at 4:45pm to close at 5pm. on the  11th of December 2016 at EWCA GOSPEL Ungwan Sunday by Halima Junction, Kaduna State Nigeria.

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The Advent of Baki Na by Ibro Chatjock
“I don’t write songs, I sing whenever it comes, even if it takes a decade” Ibro Chatjock finally gave tongue to SORT MAGAZINE in an interview last week.
He told, lately he’s been singing in-heart, his new pack full revelation broken into eight tracks title “BAKI NA” [MY MOUTH], and that it’s time to let it out.

“Death will be to me a better option than to be dumb, the praise of my father [God] most come aloud Ibro's forthcoming album title track “BAKI NA” is a sword that pieces  man's spirit and soul, with vocal progression like a calm wind maneuvering through lilies at sunset, in his native language [Hausa].

If you no dey understand Hausa, please learn He said, adding that whatever interpretation in between, will reduce the power and connection that was birthed along with the track.
The song featured Fada P. and Mrs. Diya, produced by Ebenezer Iriemi at RIEMS, his home studio in Nigeria.

The line of deep thought entwined with the lyrics and production is awesome “Chris Camera Victor expressed during the first premiere of the album at DISCMAN MUSICBOX.
Deliberation to release the album with a company video is not finalized yet.

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